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Hello, Detroit!

Monday, the 8th of January at 8:12 AM, 2018 in 1980 (Jack's Right) (PROLOGUE)
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Hello, Detroit!
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Bradford Monday, the 8th of January at 8:12 AM, 2018 edit delete
This was how Jack introduced his band, Jack's Right, on their first time out. It kind of became a running gag. Here they are, playing at a bar in Detroit that they can't remember the name of, like most of the places that they play at. It's January of 1980, and everybody is drunk, despite everyone but Paul being underage. They played a crazy set that night, of mostly their own material with a couple of covers sprinkled in. They were good enough to keep getting gigs, and for some reason, people liked them. Their lives' stories all really start here, even though they obviously aren't newborns.

Sorry for the website still being under-construction; once that stuff is out of the way, updates will begin to happen, and then a schedule will hopefully be set and this puppy will run on its own legs. This image was made using several pieces of paper, laid out on my table and photographed. Everything is hand-drawn and hand-made with simple tools, and before the question is asked, it is on lined and grid paper on-purpose. I felt like that medium matched the content the best. I hope everyone sticks around long enough for me to get the principal photography done and the website layout fixed up enough to be usable, and I hope everyone enjoys my weird story about punk love.
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Kev Tuesday, the 10th of July at 11:07 PM, 2018 edit delete reply
Hey! How’s the comic coming along!? I’ve been dying to read some it! :)